Our Food

Nutri-Kids delivers the widest range of nutritious and delicious baby food and kids meals, developed by a qualified nutritionist, ensuring that your little ones receive the correct amount of nutrients at every meal.

Nutri-Kids sources the very best quality ingredients and our delicious recipes contain no preservatives, artificial colourants or flavourings. We do not add any salt or sugar to any of our baby purees. We do add a little HIMALAYAN SALT to our toddler dishes.

Our baby food stages grow with your child to provide a balance of nutritious vegetables, fruits, proteins and whole grains. Our meals will nourish your child’s growth and encourage a love of healthy foods right from the start.

All ingredients are listed within each product in the shop.  Our purees and meals are cooked and frozen just as you would do at home.  We have a range of plain fruits, veggies and proteins so that you can mix and match to make up meals or to serve plain at the beginning of your weaning process.  We also have some popular combinations like lamb stew and chunky chicken casserole for your little ones to progress to.  Our toddler meals are packed with hidden veggies to help your fussy eater get a balanced meal.

Why do you use salt in your kid’s meals?

Not all salt is created equal. We use the type of salt (Himalayan salt) that nature intended and believe that using the correct type of salt is actually an important cornerstone to a healthy diet and strong immune system functioning. There is a growing body of evidence that limiting salt in-take can actually have an adverse effect on your health. Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of the greatest minds on nutrition have to say about the matter: Read More

What is the best way to defrost and heat the baby purees?

Place the desired amount in the fridge the night before to defrost or in the morning if you are giving it for supper. Put the puree in a saucepan or small pot on low heat. Stir until warmed through and serve. Always check the temperature before giving it to your baby.

What is the best way to defrost and heat the toddler/kids meals?

Place the meal in the fridge the night before to defrost or in the morning if you are giving it for supper. Most of the meals can be heated in a pot. Add a little water/milk and stir until heated through. These meals can also be put in the oven until warmed through.

Why frozen?

Freezing meals immediately after they have been carefully cooked keeps them tasting fantastically fresh and locks in all the goodness. It’s nature’s way of preserving food. Chilled meals in the fridge lose a lot of their nutrients.

Does my baby really care about flavour at this age?

Babies and toddlers actually have better tasting abilities than adults! They have about 7-10 thousand little buds all over their tongue and mouth. As we get older, we gradually lose these taste buds. So give your baby and toddler different tastes and textures right from the start and this will encourage healthier and varied choices as they grow.