Happy Clients

I have used Nutri-Kids for all 4 of my boys! I find the baby food delicious and it tastes and smells ‘real’, unlike so many other pureed foods. The veggies are a real winner as I add them to my older kids meals and they don’t even realise they are in there. The convenience, quality and price are unmatched!

Lyndsay, Mom of Luke (7), Jacob (6), Matt (4) and Zac (11 months)

I was going to be “Supermom” – work full time, run the household after hours and cook baby purees over weekends. That was until I realised how many ice cubes my son was going to eat by the time he reached 7 months… By the time the weekend finally came, cooking, pureeing and cubing was the last thing I had time to do (or felt like doing).

And then, a work colleague told me her secret… Nutri-Kids!

Now my son gets a variety of home cooked, nutritious meals every day and all I have to do is take a different combination of ice cubes out of the freezer each time.

And don’t even get me started on the sound effects of enjoyment my son makes with each mouthful as he gulps it down…!!

“Happy son = Happy mom”

Heather, mom of Benn (11 months)

I have been delighted with Nutri-Kids – easy to use website and ordering system, reliable delivery and outstanding food quality

Lara, mom of Rebecca (5) and Amelia (21 months)

As a baby, my son always got very excited for meal times when he saw me take his Nutri-Kids meals out of the freezer.  It was easy to hide the green vegetables behind the orange ones on the spoon. Now as a 4 year old, he has no worries eating green veg – maybe because he got the taste for it at a very young age!

Joanne, mom of Dylan (4)

Nutri-Kids should be on the speed dial list of any busy mom! I always know that my daughter is getting the best nutrition I can provide, at an excellent price. Long live Nutri-Kids!

Mandy, mom of Gisele (22 months)

Nutri-Kids has been an absolute life saver – as a working mom of 3, I often don’t have time too cook or prepare baby purees, so to be able to order convenient AND nutritious meals for the freezer takes a huge amount of pressure off my day. Thank you Carly!!

Alice, mom of Oliver (5), Jonah (3) and Felix (10 months)

Nutri-Kids has been a part of our lives from the moment my son went on to solids at 4 months and I don’t know how I would have coped with the feeding demands of a very hungry son without Carly’s amazing food and service.  The variety of food on offer and the seamless transition from purees to textured food to toddler meals definitely sets Nutri-Kids apart from our main household food supplier, Woollies.  Carly also goes out of her way to provide one with exceptional service and understands that the ultimate crisis is to run out of food (especially if you have a hungry child!) which is very important to a mother that works long hours and often travels resulting in missing deadlines for orders. Nutri-Kids has played a significant role in making my first 21 months as a new mother an absolute pleasure!  Thanks Carly!!

Emrie, mom of Connor (21 months)

My kids have been enjoying Nutri-Kids meals for years – from baby purees to toddler meals. Now I stock the freezer with the kids meals (Spaghetti Bolognaise is a firm favourite!) for those nights when I don’t have time to cook. Nutri-Kids meals beat other “convenience” meals hands-down and I don’t have to worry about any added nasties . It’s just good, honest food when I need it.

Linsey, mom of Sam (8) and Luc (5)

Nutri-Kids deliver healthy and delicious meals for babies and kids, making our holidays in South Africa (we live in Hong Kong) that much easier and more enjoyable. No messing up Granny’s kitchen or spending precious family time slaving over the stove and blender. A treat and convenience for me (Mum) that is worth its weight in nutrients!

Laura, mom of Lexie (2.5 years) and Charlie (8 months)

Where would I have been without Carly and Nutri-Kids?? Knowing that I always have stock of delicious, nutritious kids meals in my freezer keeps me sane! Thank you Carly and your team for making meals that even a fussy eater likes!

Jen, mom of Charlotte (4) and Alison (2)

Nutri-Kids has been an absolute lifesaver from the start of solids all the way through to toddler meals.Knowing that your child is eating a variety of healthy delicious meals when you just don’t have enough time to produce them every day in the working week is so important.

Carly’s wonderful food and efficient service are a real pleasure. Carly has been so helpful all through the various tricky eating phases of a small person’s life and her advice and patience have been invaluable.

Nicola, mom of Islay (4)

As a full time working mom, I like to spend the little time I have with my gorgeous 3-year old having fun. I would rather go to the park with Meg, jump on the trampoline or play with play dough, than spend our precious late afternoons and evenings in the kitchen.  I rely a great deal on Carly and Nutri-Kids to provide quick and easy home-made meals for us that are both nutritious and delicious.

Meg enjoys all the dishes, but is a special fan of both the cottage pie (laden with hidden veggies) and the fish pie. I am a bigger fan though, because I know that I am giving Meg a healthy alternative to Mom’s cooking – whilst freeing up my time for her. A real time saver – without the guilt!

Thank you Carly for your warm and reliable service (I think it helps that you are a mom too!) and for all the times Nutri-Kids has given me the night off!

Penny, mom of Meg (3)

I’m a mother of four kids and I’ve been a client of Nutri-Kids for the past 5 years. Carly and her team prepare the most delicious and nutritious meals and it’s so great to have in the freezer as a back-up. Carly is just great and she’s always available to give nutritional advice.

Diana, Mom of Sebastian (5), Thomas (4), Daniella (2) and Anabella (3 months)